“if you think wellness is expensive, try disease”

Our bodies are designed to do amazing things. Wellness, in a nutshell, is simply providing your body with the basic tools it needs to keep itself well.
I realized some changes were needed in my life when I discovered that I had a health condition that could be managed through my diet. Because of that, I learned more about supporting my body to prevent illness, versus being reactive. Slowly we improved our diets, purchased more “green” items for our home, and continued to make balanced choices as much as possible.
Let me clarify what I mean by balance. This is not about perfection. A life without pizza is not a life for me – so rest assured, there isn’t a crunchy, kale eating, love fest about to happen. Granted, I do enjoy kale, and am mildly crunchy – but I’m more of a crunchy, kale eating lady who still loves pizza, Kate Spade handbags, and Starbucks. Hippy-chic, if you will.


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In November 2015 I was a lot of things. I was sleep-deprived, drowning in new mom experiences, and lacked energy. Additionally, I was reassessing my profession and trying to manage a house, a career, and a family. Long story short – I decided to check out these things called essential oils.
Heard of them? Yeah. Voodoo oils my husband called them. However, essential oils were the game changer that I needed in my life.
My wellness journey is not about essential oils. It’s so much more than that. However, essential oils made me look at wellness in an entirely different light. It made me realize how much there was to learn and how much better I could do for myself and my family. Needless to say, I dove in head first.
Since then, I have become passionate about improving our wellness, as well as educating and supporting others to do the same. It’s not hard, it’s not expensive, and the benefits are priceless.
I am excited to share my experiences and the everyday things we do to make wellness obtainable.

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