Traveling with Essential Oils & My 10 Must-Takes


Traveling in general can be stressful. The stress typically begins with packing. We’ve all been there – staring at an empty suitcase, not knowing where to begin. In my oily community, questions always come up about traveling with essential oils. Maintaining your wellness routine shouldn’t add to your traveling stress, and I have some basic tips, tricks and must-haves when traveling with essential oils.


After almost 2 years of having essential oils in our home, not a day passes where I don’t use my oils. That means wherever I go, my oils go too. Since my job has always required some level of travel – I had to get up to speed on traveling with essential oils pretty quickly, while also learning to select the right oils to bring with me.


carry-on or checked?

While you can absolutely travel with your oils in your checked luggage, I prefer to keep them in my carry-on to ensure they don’t break, spill or get lost. Plus, more often than not – they come in handy while in route to my final destination.


While we all know TSA has specific guidelines for carrying liquids onto a plane – I’ve never been asked to remove my oils, nor have I had to place them in a clear bag. I store my oils in an essential oil carrier, which has individual sections to keep them secure. I simply place the bag in the x-ray bin next to my other items and pass through the scanner. If you prefer – you can also have them hand checked. I’ve done that too, just to see how they were handled, and it was no big deal.


More often than not – TSA agents are familiar with oils. Traveling with essential oils is not uncommon and they see hundreds of travelers a day – many of which are bringing their oils along. However, a friend once mentioned that occasionally she’d be asked what they were and she’d simply explain that they were used as supplements for her health. No questions, no concerns, they just moved right along!


be respectful

Using essential oils is second nature to many of us and traveling with essential oils is just an extension of that. However, from one oily friend to another – be respectful of the fact you are in a small space with strangers. Not everyone is familiar or comfortable with essential oils and it’s not fair to others to be insensitive to that. Applying multiple oils in-flight isn’t a way to gain a new friend, but potentially a way to upset someone or possibly deter them from ever exploring essential oils in the future.


While you don’t want to offend anyone, it doesn’t mean you can’t use your oils when you need to. I know I desperately need my oils during travel, so I’ve found a few tips to make traveling with essential oils enjoyable for everyone.

  • Prepare diluted roller bottles in advance and be conservative on the concentration you use.
  • Plan ahead. Will you need to sleep? Need to get some work done? Do you struggle with motion sickness? Figure out what support you will need with the most, and choose oils with more delicate aromas to address those concerns.
  • Keep it simple! Don’t apply more than 2 oils and try to stick with 1. I especially advise against using multiple blends, as using 2+ blends can easily put the aroma of over a dozen oils into the air, which can be overwhelming in a small space.
  • Bring a small bottle of carrier oil – in the case you need to further dilute.
  • Try to apply your oils before boarding the plane to prevent overwhelming the small space of an airplane.

 traveling-with-essential-oilsessential-oil-travel-bag stress-away-essential-oil

my 10 must-haves when traveling with essential oils

While I would love to bring all of my oils, that just isn’t realistic when traveling. I’ve managed to get my travel must-haves down to 10 – and I rarely shift from this list. These oils are my staples at home, and I feel better knowing I have them when I am away.

  1. Stress Away – The name says it all. Traveling is stressful, lines are stressful, and a screaming toddler on an airplane is stressful. This is my number 1 must-have oil for anytime, travel included. I personally bring my roller bottle so I can roll and go whenever I need.
  2. DiGize Vitality – No one likes to feel uneasy on vacation. Whether it is turbulence, a bad cab driver, or over indulging on delicious food – DiGize always brings me back to balance. It contains Ginger, and while it’s not the most pleasant aroma – inhaling it immediately calms an uneasy stomach. I also carry empty veggie capsules to make quick supplements when I need a little extra punch.
  3. Patchouli – This oil is truly my happy oil. It’s my go-to for everything. Its super earthy aroma instantly puts me in a better mood, helps me sleep, refreshes my mind, and grounds me. I never leave home without it.
  4. Peppermint – Head tension inevitably shows up on vacation and peppermint immediately provides comfort. I apply a drop up the back of my neck and along my temples. If I really need an extra kick, I press 1 drop to the roof of my mouth.
  5. R.C. – I hate when I am traveling and something in the air doesn’t agree with me. R.C stands for “respiratory care”, and while I don’t always need it when I’m traveling, it’s worth it to take just in case. Also great for vacations with a lot of activities, like hiking or biking, to keep those lungs happy!
  6. White Angelica – Sometimes I feel like traveling can bring out the worst in people, especially if there are unexpected complications. Negativity breeds negativity and I try to not get sucked into that cycle. White Angelica helps to repel negativity – so it’s great if you, or someone around you, are feeling a bit cranky.
  7. Valor – I typically take this on business trips because it is like confidence in a bottle. The aroma immediately gives you this feeling of strength and bravery which keeps me fueled and focused. For fun trips, it also helps me to be more courageous and trying new things.
  8. Thieves – We come into contact with a lot of germs while traveling. Thieves keeps our immune systems in tip-top shape to ensure we don’t fall short while trying to enjoy a trip. Like R.C., Thieves always comes along because you don’t want to need it and not have it.
  9. Panaway – By the end of any trip, my body is usually ready for a vacation of its own, especially if we were really active. Panaway provides that instant icy-hot relief to sore muscles, tight joints, or achy backs. It’s also great to apply before you hop on a long flight.
  10. Lavender – The swiss-army knife of essential oils, I could not leave home without it. Lavender promotes restful sleep, soothes sun exposed skin, calms toddlers, and it can make your hotel bathroom smell like an expensive spa.


Traveling with essential oils is easy – and you don’t need to do anything special to make it happen. Grab your bags, pack up your favorites, and away you go!


Be sure to tell me in the comments your must-have oils to travel with!


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    I haven’t tried essential oils yet, but I do believe I’m going to have to try them really soon! Great post!

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      September 14, 2017 at 10:30 am

      Carolyn I think you’d love them!! If you ever have questions on what to try or anything else about them – let me know!

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