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Travel Beauty Tips: Adjusting Your Skincare Routine

travel beauty tips

The most important part of a skincare routine is consistency. I’ve always preached to my clients, “if you can’t be consistent, you won’t see results”. With that concept drilled into your head by every skincare professional you have met, it might be difficult to grasp the concept of streamlining your routine for a trip. However, with a handful of my top travel beauty tips, you’ll find it’s easy to put your dedication on pause. A few days without your full routine won’t cause an unraveling of your efforts and I promise it’ll save you time, frustration, and luggage space.


#1 – travel beauty tips: pre-trip planning

Since we will be streamlining things, it’s important to do some heavy lifting before your trip begins. If you’re following a solid skincare routine you should be using an exfoliator and mask weekly. If your normal routine has these steps falling on days when you’ll be away, you’ll want to make time to do them before you leave, because you’ll be leaving these products at home!


Leaving your exfoliators and masks at home is one of my top travel beauty tips because not only streamline your routine, it also ensures that your skin will look fresh and radiant during your entire trip.


Tip: If you’re traveling for a big event, don’t risk trying a new product or treatment right before you leave. Stick to your tried-and-true favorites to prevent surprises or skin emergencies!


#2 – travel beauty tips: consider the climate

Before we get into exactly how to streamline your routine, you’ll want to consider where your trip will be taking you. If you’re headed to a colder climate, you may experience more dryness than you’re used to. If your destination is humid, you might notice excess oil or breakouts while you’re away. These considerations will help you to know which products to take and which to leave behind.


If you’re heading somewhere warm or with increased humidity, consider scaling back on your moisturizing products. Even for drier skin types, a change to a more humid climate could cause you to experience an increase in oil. Opting for lighter products will help keep things balanced.


To prepare for colder, dry climates I always recommend bringing an extra layer of moisture. Just as you would your clothes, a layer of moisture for your skin can be added or omitted depending on what you’re experiencing. To keep things simple, find multitasking products that can be used for the skin, chapped lips, dry cuticles, and frizzy hair.



My Favorite: The Balm by Nucifera. A staple for me when traveling.


#3 – travel beauty tips: grab reusable travel jars

If you haven’t noticed, travel-sized items are far more expensive per ounce compared to their full-sized counterparts. Additionally, many items aren’t available in travel sizes or you need to reduce size even further to save space.


While the store-bought solutions are helpful in some situations, I often find it just as easy to take matters into my own hands.


One of my favorite travel beauty tips is to make my own personal travel set. Travel jars are easy to find and come in multiple sizes to accommodate various types of products. You can also grab tiny dropper bottles to use with thinner products like serums or oils.


#4 – travel beauty tips: prepare for reality

Every time you go to pack a product, ask yourself one simple question – “am I really going to use this?”. Vacations are meant to be fun and business trips tend to be busy. Be realistic in what you will actually use and need – versus what can wait until you get back.


Additionally, being realistic about what you may need for your trip means bringing items that you may not always use at home. For example – if you anticipate having the urge to fall asleep in your makeup, grab some facial wipes. Do you always breakout due to travel-related stress? Toss in a spot treatment. Will you be rushing from business meeting to business meeting from dawn until dusk? Bring a refreshing mist.


The biggest part of streamlining your skincare routine for travel is focusing on what you need, and eliminating what you don’t.


travel beauty tips


#5 – travel beauty tips: the art of streamlining

Getting to what you really came here for – what routine do you actually bring when traveling? I am often asked if it’s okay to skip a step, leave a product, or reduce AM/PM routines. The answer is YES. Traveling is stressful as it is. The last thing you need to worry about is if you need to bring your entire drawer of skincare – or worse – if you’ll ever be able to recover from skipping your retinol for a week.


Hint: the answer is you don’t, you can, and you will.


  • Streamline Tip 1 – Bring a multitasking cleanser.
    Work smarter, not harder, and grab a facial cleanser that will remove your makeup, cleanse your skin, and keep your skin’s pH in balance. This multitasker will eliminate the need for a makeup remover and a toner for the duration of your trip.
  • Streamline Tip 2 – Remember what you came for.
    I know, you want it all. However, to determine which products are the most important – remember what your primary skin care concern (or goal) is. Once you’ve reminded yourself – make your streamlining decisions based on that. This means if your primary concern is wrinkles, you don’t need to bring the brightening product that you occasionally rotate into your routine.
  • Streamline Tip 3 – Focus on the AM.
    Nothing makes me happier than my nighttime skincare routine. It always feels so good to double cleanse, tone, apply my cocktail of treatments and oils and creams. It’s the 10 minutes at the end of my day where I can just focus on me. However, nighttime products are typically nighttime specific for a reason – often being that they shouldn’t be applied before sun exposure. Since you shouldn’t use your PM products during the day, but you can use your AM products at night, opt to bring your AM rotation in place of your PM.
  • Streamline Tip 4 – You never skip your moisturizer.
    I am wildly passionate about moisturizing. As in, if you do nothing else in your routine – you moisturize. It is the primary step that supports our skin’s most basic functions and skipping it is never a good idea.


I hope these travel beauty tips help you to know what’s important and how to streamline your routine for easy travels!

Do you have a travel beauty tip that you love? Be sure to share it with us in the comments!


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