“wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been”

In this world of beauty, cosmetics often take the spotlight. Why? Well, instant gratification – of course.
While a coat of mascara or a swipe of lip color absolutely brightens your face – your makeup will only look as good as the canvas you’re applying it on.
Let me take a step back. Once upon a time, I had dreams of becoming an author. I was going to school to major in English Literature and come hell or high water – I was going to make that dream happen. And then something changed. I can’t tell you exactly how, or when, but gradually and then suddenly – it changed.
I was working at a day spa and watched women leave appointments with renewed confidence and an empowered demeanor. It was when I really began to understand the power that is the beauty industry. So I made a shift and in 2007 I graduated with my esthetics license.
I was drawn to skincare because, to me, it felt like the foundation. The building blocks of beauty, so to speak. You can hide a bad hair day with a hat, you can cover unpolished toes with tennis shoes – but bad skin, despite cosmetics, always had a presence.
As I saw women improve their skin health, I watched their confidence increase as well. There was something special about giving the power back to my clients.

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While I spent time in the treatment room, I wanted more. I wanted to get out – touch the masses – and educate as many people as I could. Professional skin treatments are an important piece of the puzzle, but they aren’t enough for lasting skin health. Along my journey I’ve had the honor of working with a handful of the most beautiful brands in the industry: Dermalogica, Aveda, Philosophy, and Kiehl’s. After years with “the big guys” I decided to explore an adventure with an indie brand, InstaNatural, a line that is focused on natural, safe, and effective skincare solutions, and it just felt right. As Director of Brand Development and Licensed Esthetician with InstaNatural, I get to blend all of my passions into one perfect job: brand & product development, education and leadership.
I’ve also had the honor of contributing to multiple beauty publications such as Byrdie, Bustle, Self, and Nylon. You can check out the articles I’ve contributed to by visiting my press hits page!
While you’ll hear me talk about InstaNatural products, you’ll also hear about other products and brands that I love. While products are crucial to beauty and skincare, my goal is to provide you first with realistic tips, tricks and education to navigate the world of beauty.

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