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  • balance-is-bullshit
    Motherhood, Musings

    Why I’ve Decided that Balance is Bullshit

    Can you recall a time in which you suddenly realized you were relentlessly trying to shove a square peg into a round hole? I’m sure you can – we’ve all been there. Remember that moment of clarity when you stopped and thought, “what am I…

  • travel-hacks-for-kids

    6 Bloggers’ Top Travel Hacks For Kids

    Being a mom is hard. Being a mom who is trying to travel with her children is even harder. The idea sounds great in theory; a beautiful and relaxing family vacation, quality time together, sleeping in…but no. It can’t be that simple. So as I…

  • feel like a terrible mother

    Sometimes I Feel Like a Terrible Mother

    I know I don’t stand alone in this feeling. The feeling of intense overwhelm, impatience, discouragement, and sometimes just pure and utter defeat. The honest truth is, sometimes, I just feel like a terrible mother.   I’m not saying that to hear a scripted reply…